Beth Sanford


Dr. Beth is an Air Force brat; her father was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, so she spent many years moving around the US. She has lived more years in Colorado than anywhere else. She graduated from Wheat Ridge High School in Jefferson County, and got her Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer & Management Science from Metropolitan State University. After spending 20 years doing information technology consulting, she went to graduate school and received her Master’s in Counseling and her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Prior to joining Maxwell Elementary and DPS she was the school psychologist and SPED support partner for a rural 1750-student district in North Central AZ. She has taught educational psychology classes at NAU, assessment classes for DPS, consulting skills classes for her previous IT jobs, and scuba diving. She has been swimming with dolphins off the coast of Honduras and also owns a black cat named Maxwell!