Julie Rager


I am Mrs. Julie Rager. I have taught third grade at Maxwell for many years. Third grade is a fun and very important year for learning. Students have been working on their reading skills for several years. This year they will start using that skill to gain knowledge. We will be reading a lot every day, taking Accelerated Reader quizzes to check for basic comprehension. We will be writing daily, in all subjects. It is an important lifelong skill to be able to clearly express your thoughts in writing. Third grade math involves solidifying basic number sense and skills such as geometry, measurement, and addition and subtraction facts. We also will begin multiplication, division, and decimals. Our science units in third grade are “Objects in the Sky”, “Investigating Electricity”, and “Life Cycles”. Our social studies curriculum includes Colorado History, Justice, and some geography. We will try to enrich these topics with a couple of field trips during the year. Third grade is a wonderful year of learning and adventure.