Gifted & Talented

Maxwell’s GT Programming Plan

At Maxwell, we serve our gifted (GT) and Talent Pool students as an inclusive community, developing our students’ independence, critical thought, and enduring love for learning. A .25 GT (one day per week) teacher supports teachers with adapting instruction to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted learners through professional development and consultation. The GT Teacher creates inclusive learning opportunities for students in and out of the general education learning environment. Enrichment activities are designed around students’ area(s) of strength to develop higher order thinking skills and creativity, with instruction provided in English and Spanish as needed. The GT teacher conducts universal screenings for kinder and 2nd grade students, administers additional assessments, and uses a variety of data sources to equitably identify GT and Talent Pool students. To address disparities in GT identification, we will continue to pursue a variety of GT identification pathways. The GT teacher collaborates with students, families, and teachers to develop and progress monitor Advanced Learning Plans for all GT students. All families receive communication regarding ways to support GT learners through the Flyer App. Families are encouraged to openly communicate with the GT Teacher and classroom teacher to advocate for their child’s needs.