Nune Artazcoz
[:es]Maestra[:en]Teacher[:] ELA-E and ELA-S


My name is Edurne Artazcoz but all the students call me Ms. Nune. I have been teaching ECE 3 year olds at Maxwell since 2014. I am from Spain where I earned my Master in Education in the University of Navarra and received two degrees in Early Childhood Education and Foreign Languages in the University of Salamanca. I taught more than ten years (ECE and Kindergarten) in Spain and Texas. I love teaching ECE because it is the first time the students go to school and I can see lot of improvement along the year. While they are acquiring knowledge we have fun in our class dancing, singing and doing a variety of activities. When I am not at the school I love doing sports as hiking, skiing, climbing, cycling, Zumba… and of course traveling and spend time with family and friends.