Our Three Pillars

At Jessie Whaley Maxwell Elementary, in partnership with parents and community, we develop our students’ independence, critical thought, and enduring love for learning. Everything we do is in support of developing these three “pillars” in our students:

  1. Independence: We believe that the independence we build in our young learners will give them the freedom to succeed in school, college, and in life. Our students are taught to think for themselves. In Readers and Writers workshops, our students build independence by authentically thinking, writing, and discussing texts they read. Our students work themselves through the writing process, and are seen developing and owning their goals for their learning. At Maxwell, students participate in at least 2 projects each year, and are responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating their work.
  2. Critical Thought: Critical thought is our instructional focus at Maxwell. Throughout the learning day our students think critically. They analyze texts answer rigorous questions, and solve complex problems. We nurture strategic, analytical, and evaluative thinking in our students. We encourage students to question ideas, instructional content, and ideas presented to them, and to continually assess the world around them. Our students are taught to analyze the world around them, as they develop skills in innovation and analysis that will drive them to and through college and throughout their careers.
  3. Love for Learning: At Maxwell, our students are passionate, joyful, and engaged learners. Our students love learning, and own their learning. Upon visiting Maxwell, you’ll see our students smiling as they read, write, solve problems, and think. Our teachers bring out the love of learning in our students, as they teach in engaging, meaningful ways that invest students in their own learning. At Maxwell you will hear students call out for joy, “Yes!” when a teacher announces that it is time to read.